Harrachov is a centre of tourism, mainly in winter, thanks to a complex of ski slopes and two cableways on the Čertova Hora mountain for Alpine skiing and snowboarding. You can also find a complex of cross-country skiing trails following the 80-km-long main trail called Krkonošská magistrála.

The whole area of Harrachov is full of countless cycling routes.

The most attaractive point of interest in the Harrachov area is definitely the 10-metre-high Mumlava Waterfall. The granite riverbed of the Mumlava river contains unique Giant's kettles created by the stream of the river.

Harrachov offers countless summer and winter activities in the town itself as well as in its surroundings. The luxurious accommodation Karolína Harrachov offer a wide range of activities, entertainment and relaxation in a pleasant environment.

History of Harrachov

Ski Jumping Hills

The area of five ski jumping hills includes the world-renown ski flying hill.

Ski Museum

Harrachov is a place where the history of skiing in the Czech Republic started. Several world champions came from here and several world records have been beaten here. These people are memorialized in the locale Ski museum. You can see exhibits from the beginnings of the ski sport and ski jumps or skiing equopment from the last 30 years. You can also see a complete set of equipment of Radek „Raketa“ Čermák, a speed skiing champion and a Czech record holder. One of the most valued exhibits is a 120-cm-tall cup for the world champion.

Mining Museum Harrachov

The Mining Museum and the guided underground mine gallery offer their visitors an exhibition of work tools and equopment or mined material in the local ore deposit. You can also see mining machines from the previous century. The mine gallery is 1000 metres long and the average temperature here is 7–9 °C.

Glass Museum

Another stop that is worth making in Harrachov is in the Glass Museum with an original exhibition of the local glass made in the oldest Czech private glassworks.

The museum is part of the glassworks area and contains a collection that maps out over 300 years of history of glass production in Harrachov. More than 5,000 exhibits make it the biggest collection of Czech glass from a single Czech glassworks.

The Šindelka Forestry and Game Management Exhibition

The traditional roof covering, shingle, used to be made in a building in Harrachov, known today as Šindelka, from the early 19th century. The building now houses an exhibition on forest and game management. The greatest attraction, especially for children, is the wintering reserve where several forest species gather around a crib which offers several types of forage.

Mumlava Waterfall

The Mumlava Waterfall is one of the most powerful and beautiful waterfalls in the Czech Republic. It is accessible all year round and you can see it beautifully from the wooden footbridge where the yellow hiking trail crosses the blue one. One of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the western part of the Krkonoše National Park, it is a perfect type of horizontal solid waterfall in the country.

The Mumlava Waterfall is less than 1.5 km from Harrachov. It rises from the Harrachov Basin and amazes its visitors in all seasons. It is almost 10 metres high and 10 metres wide. The Mumlava river offers great refreshment and swimming in the summer months.

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