Premiot Group is preparing a project of a construction and reconstruction of the Karolína hotel in the centre of Harrachov. In terms of this project the current accommodation facility will be modernized and new luxurious hotel-type rooms will be built.

The project will appreciate the full potential of both the historic building and the whole area. The capacity will increase (to more than 3,400 m² gross floor area) along with the strandards, all while maintaining the qualities of the original building that was built in 1888 when the hotel was still called Krakonoš (Rübezahl).

The architecture of the new building is formed in a pure and functional style with the emphasis on using traditional materials (wood, stone, metal) and the environmental responsibility of the used technologies and processes. The project also makes sure to include sufficient greenery, light and water elements. The building complex will include business areas, a café with a bakery and a wellness facility.

In winter 2020/2021 the demolition work took place and in spring 2022 the reconstruction and building work have started. The estimated volume of investments in 9.6 million Eur. The project is expected to be finished in 2023.

The develompent company Europa Investment Property, through the company Karolína Residence s.r.o., has started designing and engineering works of the project of building and reconstruction of serviced hotel-type units including the background of the wellness facility and a car park.